I'm a liberal, heterosexual, college-educated, middle-class, white male. I've worked hard to get to where I am now, but the doors were always unlocked. My love has never been questioned. My skin color never the cause of hatred or remark. My gender never mocked. My speech or opinion ...

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Yearly sun graphs in Python


Molly Peeples (@astronomolly) recently tweeted some really cool plots from timeanddate.com that visualize local solar properties over a year from a location (e.g., twilights, solar noon, etc.), e.g.:

alt text

My first thought was: can we make those plots with Astropy? This post shows one way to make figures ...

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Making a Matplotlib animation with a transparent background


I recently needed to overlay a Matplotlib animation on an image in a keynote presentation. This requires creating an animation with a transparent background so that only the plot elements are shown. It turns out that this is possible using the Matplotlib animation objects (note: I've only tried this ...

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AAS227 Hack Day: Towards optimal AAS session scheduling


Last week was another winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS227) and another installment of the AAS Hack Day. Earlier in the week, I gave a short 5 minute talk on Software Testing and participated in a panel on better practices for scientific programming, then gave my Dissertation talk ...

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